Nordfjordeid in brief

Nordfjordeid in brief

Nordfjordeid has a great deal to offer, no matter what your interests may be. It is the administrative centre for the county and only a short distance from Maloy, Stryn, Sandane and Ørsta/Volda, the other county centres spread throughout Nordfjord and southern Sunnmøre.

It is also transport hub where motorway 15 crosses the E39 European route, a road that runs along the entire Norwegian coast from Stavanger to Trondheim. It is closely connected to Sandane airport with daily flights to Oslo and Bergen, and is an important Nordfjord trading centre. Here you'll find essential public services for the entire region such as hospitals. The ocean is 45 minutes to your west, and the same distance eastwards brings you to mountains and glaciers.

In recent years, Nordfjordeid has made a name for itself as a musical force, a city fostering both flourishing opera and rock music scenes. With its trademark diversity, in 2010 it was awarded the title “Cultural Municipality of the Year” in Sogn og Fjordane. Here you will find the only opera house outside Oslo, an impressive building which is also part of Eid secondary school. A unique learning experience for the students.

Eid also has Norway's very first military training camp, and the barrack square is still used for a game as old as the camp itself, “Elskhug and Eksis. A more contemporary use is Malakoff Rock Festival, a festival voted as the year's best in 2004 and 2005 by the Norwegian Rock Association. We highly recommend experiencing it when it swings round every July.

Like Nordfjordeid, Eid municipality also has much to offer. It has a decentralized school structure with primary schools in Kjølsdalen, Stårheim, Haugen, Hjelle and Nordfjordeid. The choices of kindergarten are many and in late 2011 a new nursery with 8 departments opened centrally in Nordfjordeid. Eid aims to have construction-ready lots available throughout the community, and recently oversaw the planning of a large housing estate in central Nordfjordeid.

Business flourishes in Eid, with a diverse spread of national and international companies operating with the fields of agriculture, industrial electrical, mechanical and the timber industry. Eid's industrial electrical companies have a special expertise within the building sector and have seen strong growth over recent years. Agriculture is also a major industry  with approximately 200 operational farms.

  1. "Eid inviterer" website is full of useful information for those of you interested in learning more.
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